The heiress who DISCOMFORT

photos : kcs ; louis lanzano/ap/sipa ; dr En 2012, Gérard Depardieu, citoyen russe, enregistre un titre sur le dernier album de Googoosha, nom de scène de Gulnora. ‘‘ Selon Wikileaks, elle est la personne la plus détestée d’Ouzbékistan ’’
Photos: kc, louis Lanzano / ap / sipa, dr
In 2012, Gerard
Depardieu, citizen
Russian records
a title
the latest album
of Googoosha,
stage name
» According to Wikileaks, it
is the person most
hated Uzbekistan»

Until last month, Gulnora Karimova occupied

the seat of Uzbekistan to the United Nations. But

this spectacular blonde 41 eyes in

Almond does not bother oratories customs

chancellery. Interviewed by Grazia on

suspicions of the French justice on its role in

a case of «corruption» and «money

organized gang, «she accepts a via Twitter

«Ha ha ha … good luck searching the shit.»

Crude but effective. Who says girls dad

were doomed to an idle existence, unable to

do anything with their hands? This jack-of-all

whose father, Islam Karimov, Uzbekistan leads

an iron fist since 1990, has for its

share some talent to advance its interests.

The problem is that at least part of its

fortune come from a pot of wine 320 million

euros paid by the Swedish operator TeliaSonera

exchange for the monopoly telephone market

difficult to obtain information. Uzbekistan

is a black hole (black hole) where nothing comes in and

where nothing comes out. »


In this context if undemocratic Gulnora

However Karimova aspire to anything other than a

fate girl dictator. For the form, it has

earned a doctorate in political science awarded by

a local university, but prefers to develop its fiber

art. In addition to a perfume and clothing line

bearing his signature, and it is engaged in a

singing career under the name Googoosha,

«Mezzo soprano, poet, and exotic beauty» as

summarized his site. The success is also the rendezvous

since his last album, which includes

a duet with Gerard Depardieu, not content

carton in his country of origin, would be classified

the 5th U.S. charts according to local media. It is

false, of course, but will say otherwise?

Take for bling vase which says

«Thank God for (his) face» and admits that «gold,

diamonds, I can not do without it «would

a mistake, however. His presence at the forefront of

fashion shows in Paris and New York and evenings

people that are organized in honor of culture

Uzbekistan is a diplomatic weapon as a

personal inclination: «All this serves to conceal

the abuses of the regime, which is a pillar of

propaganda, «said Andrew Stroehlein yet.

But his real talent, especially in Gulnora exercises

business, investing all-out in his country:

real estate, communications, food, culture

cotton, which Uzbekistan is the largest exporter

World, etc.. Its privileged place in the State

allowing him to capture the most market

profitable (such as distribution license

Coca-Cola), she would not hesitate to expropriate its

competitors by force. A method also

used in his private life: the family of her ex-husband,

father of her two children who claimed part of

his fortune, have been imprisoned or expelled from

countries. «Gulnora is untouchable, it can do

she wants, «claims from Sweden Karaev,

a journalist who fled Uzbekistan in 2005 and

not hide his dislike for Karimov’s eldest daughter.

A widely shared sense if one believes one

U.S. diplomatic cable from 2010, which describes «the

Princess, «» the most hated person in the country. »

vying to replace dad?

Not sure that this analysis correspond to reality

a society living in isolation. Out its role

«first daughter» invested in shares

support to women, students and the fight against

cancer, Gulnora Karimova is recent

months the voice of the middle class, denouncing

administrative burdens caused by

«Corrupt» and «stupid» at the head of the state.

Attacks aimed possible successors

his father, aged 75, and in particular the very

powerful Economy Minister Rustam Azimov,

she publicly accused of corruption.

A taste of the 2015 presidential election, where

said she could stand? For the moment,

she is careful not to contradict. Its existence

International jet-setter being compromised by

Swiss and French investigations, it never leaves

Uzbekistan where his nights out in boxes

Tashkent, the capital, in the news.

At the same time, it treats its popularity

relaying messages on Twitter supporters

thanking her for her actions in favor of small

people. Common and effective. •

the countries of Central Asia 30 million.

Suddenly, the Swiss courts have frozen last year

the assets held in Gulnora Karimova

the Swiss banks – for a total estimated

800 million – arousing curiosity of

their French counterparts who so quietly

opened in February a criminal, as

recently revealed the site Rue89. In the background,

very surprising since the former

Soviet Republic of Uzbekistan is

one of the most corrupt states in the world, ranked

170 out of 176. Compounded by a record with

the systematic human rights. In addition to its

campaigns of forced sterilization, the Uzbek authorities

and is accused of repressing, including torture,

any attempt at opposition. «This is one of the countries

the world where the population is most oppressed »

Andrew Stroehlein confirmed by the Human

Rights Watch. «To make matters worse, it is very

During Fashion Week

New York 2011

events are

cancel the parade

jewelry brand, Guli.

In 2008


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