August 19, 2000 year




Armed conflicts on the uzbek-tadjik borders (Sariasiyo and Uzun regions, Surkhandarya) and in the south of Kyrgizistan (Batkent region) arouse anxiety and serious fear for the peace and security of the whole Central Asian region.

Very little information received from the region of the armed conflict and vague explanations of officials hamper the objective evaluation of the situation.

The fact that influential political powers within Uzbekistan, as well as outside of it, are trying to stir up a military-political crisis, arousing psychosis and sensation around, of so called «international terrorism» and «islamic extremism», makes us alert.|

In this connexion, any irresponsible performances and statements, that include even the slightest signs of sabre -rattling, are extremely dangerous for that kind of fragile and highly explosive region, such as Central Asia.

Once, the attacks of the newly «invented» international terrorism and Islamic extremism in mass media, allowed Russia to unleash the second Chechnyan war, that caused thousands of innocent victims and peaceful residents to suffer.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan does not dissemble the fact, that it holds the oppositional position towards the present government of the country on the basis of key problems related with internal and foreign policy. Our society has always been for the democratization of social life and the steady observance of human rights and freedoms.

Moreover, the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan cannot accept radical demonstrations of intolerance, including in the form of terror, no matter where it comes from.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan is categorically against the usage of the terms, such as: «international terrorism», «islamic fundamentalism», as there is nothing common between the terrorism and any nation or nations or religious teachings. And if this or that subject(s), enroaching upon peace and human life, glorifies itself as islamist today, and as defender of human rights tomorrow, this can not be the reason for the other to turn to insulting tone or use a filthy label, which is easily pinned to the whole nation or nations, religious confessions or political opponents.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan blames the actions of boeviks (uzbek armed opposition) and does not consider military opposition as something inevitable, as well as does not relate it (opposition) to the category of groundless, accidental events.

Armed conflicts on Uznek-Tadjik borders and in the south of Kirghizistan should not be categorically imputed to the machinations of enemies, narcobusiness and etc.


The main reason for the disunity of the uzbek society is the authoritarian regime that holds the power at the present.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, not once turned the attention of the world community to the fact that armed uzbek opposition is the reaction in reply to the repressive policy of the officials that is getting worse and worse since 1992. INTOLERANCE of officials to the independent thoughts – this is the main reason for the disunity of uzbek society.

The modern civilization is far from its perfection, for this reason unsteady political and economical stability of the region possibly meets the requirements of notorious strategical interests of the political leadership of those or another countries, thinking with the ambitions of the past. All, who are moved by gain and profit, are interested in political chaos.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan has always been the supporter

of democratic ideals, and in compliance with this, firmly holds the fundamental position, that meets the requirements of open society.

Democratization of state and social organizations in Uzbekistan, not a formal democratization, but a real – the only and effective method for struggling against extremism and with any form of violence.

The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan calls the conflicting sides to think better of the real situation and refuse the armed solution of the problems, thus, searching for the peaceful ways of solution and compromise.


Executive Committee of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan


700093 Tashkent, Yunusabad, 4, apart.15, N 27

Tel/fax (998712) 24-82-47


August 19, 2000 year.

Javob berish

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