04.08.30-To Chaiman NSS Rustam INOYATOV


Chairman of the national security service of the republic of uzbekistan



Haydarov Akmal, Haydarova Jamila and Fakhrutdinova Zuhra, residents of Tashkent’s Yakkasaroy district, Shamsi Kulol Street, 1st blind alley, House 5.





Dear Chairman,


I ask you to find us my son Haydarov Farrukh Akmalovich, resident of Tashkent’s Yakkasaroy district, Shamsi Kulol Street, 1st blind alley, House 5.


On June 25 2004 F.A.Haydarov left home on his car “Tico” (30G 3219) at about 10:00 in the morning and didn’t come back.


We have applied for information to all police authorities and received no reply from them.


We got a letter signed by Turopov Dilmurod dated the 21st July 2004. Dilmurod wrote on July 14 he was taken away by officers of the NSS and forced to append his signature to a false testimony. We enclose a copy of this letter.


On August 12 we got a “message” alleged to be sent from Afghanistan. We enclose a copy of it too. Now we’d like to clarify our serious protest over the content of this “message”. An intellectual man who was always heading toward extending and teaching knowledge and enlightenment cannot abandon his wife and parents without personal documents. It’s wide of the mark. Farrukh never had such idea in his mind. If he was thinking about such thoughts then at least his wife should be aware of it.


Dear chairman!


Think yourself. What’s the reason for a man to assuage his parents and wife sending a message if he hard-heartedly abandoned his nice home carelessly toward them? It is clear as noonday that the message was handwork of that institution which kidnapped Farrukh. In addition to it we may say that arrival of such letter from Kabul to Tashkent in three days is beyond all understanding. Our letters to various official instances reach addressees in about 12 days and this is taking into account that we are in one city, in the capital of the country! Then we were at Central Postal board and they told us that a letter from Kabul to Tashkent arrives at least in 15 days. It seems those people who were eager to see us trusted in the authenticity of the letter failed to take it into consideration.


Dear Rustam Inoyatov!


Please, tell us in fairness. Is it just to defame a man for the sole reason that he is Muslim prayer? If you are about to detonate Farrukh and blow up him or annihilate him based on these forgery letters then I ask you to bring Farrukh to the court and judge him in open trial. It’s not a request, but it is firm demand. Learning abovementioned Turopov’s letter and mysterious events around we are once again sure that Farrukh Haydarov and other people named in “his” letter as Oqil, Husnuddin are all in detention in hands of the NSS.


Dear Chairman!


We ask you as poor mother and sore wife as well as desperate father and we believe that you will not show indifference to the problem of my son who has become an innocent guilty while a generous leader declares amnesty even to criminals.




Akmal Haydarov, Honoured veteran of Uzbek television and national education,

Jamila Haydarova, mother of Farrukh Haydarov

Zuhra Fakhrutdinova, wife of Farrukh Haydarov


August 30, 2004


Javob berish

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