01.07.21-STATEMENT (Haydarov Farruh)




Chairman of the National Security Service of the Republic of Uzbekistan



General Prosecutor of the Republic of Uzbekistan


Family members of Khaydarov Farrukh Akmalovich






Turopov Dilmurod

(3, Tashpukhamedov, 2nd proyezd, Sabir Rakhimov region, Tashkent city)





Dear Chairman!


I’d like to inform you that from the early childhood I used to go to local mosque to pray and tried to learn the Quran. Because of our independence of my country, I learned the Quran myself. Listened to Islamic lectures on cassettes by imams of legal Mosques.


On January 13th, 2004 I was jailed for saving the disks with such lectures. Then I was released because of President Amnesty. I express my heartfelt gratitute to I.A. Karimov for it.

Some NSS officials had interrogated me before releasing. They forced me to write a wrong testimony against Khaydarov Farrukh Akmalovich.


Haydarov Farruh Akmalovich taught Arabic language at Cultural Centre under Egyptian Embassy in Tashkent. Once or twice I sought assistance in learning the book “Muallimus-soniy” concerning the Arabic alphabet. But NSS officials made me write wrong testimonies about him. They made me write that Mr. Haydarov set up illegal group and taught illegal lessons, threatened me with different words.


As a result I had left no choice but to write a wrong testimony as they said. Later, on July 14th, 2004 they called me again. That day I was interrogated from 17:30 to 19:30. One of NSS officials, who talked with me, introduced himself as Farhod. But his real name was Sayidkahharov U.S., lieutenant by rank. And the second one introduced as Umar. “Farhod”, i.e. lieutenant Sayidkahharov U.S. threatened me and made me sigh the “Official warning protocol”, which was filled by him.


But interrogator Ergashev Sh.A. didn’t participate during the interrogation.

In the statement, which was made by Sayidkahharov U.S., it was written that “I, Turopov Dilmurod, was joined to the religious group of “Jihodchilar (or, mujahideen-warriors)” that was set up by Haydarov Farruh Akmalovich. Haydarov Farruh Akmalovich (nickname-Askar) propagated religious extremism, fundamentalism and separatism ideas.


Such actions was according to Articles 159, 216, 244-2 of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan”. At the last of the statement it was written that “I was explained above actions to be illegal, and I express my consent to take all measures in case if I do such actions”. Then I told them that I wasn’t a member of or been propagated by any extremist, separatist or fundamentalist groups, there hadn’t been any words against to the politics, and that all were slanders.


But “Farhod” – Sayidkahharov U.S. said “Askar is extremist! It is enough that you took lesson for once or twice! Even you look took lessons on “Muallimus-soniy” that also is considered to be extremist!” for about two hours I disputed on above problem and tried to deny their words. But they told me that I can not go out and will be imprisoned if I do not sign in. He ordered to the official to prepare the handcuffs. I begged “Farhod” asking to change the “extremism” as it was wrong. But “Farhod” didn’t agree.


He said “This is not written by your hands, it was written by me, I take account for it, you are signing so that you have found true way, have been sorry for it and will not repeat such actions again”. And he threatened me saying different words for about two hours. He also said “You don’t know the basement of the NSS. Davron aka, GUVD official, doesn’t know how to beat. But we’ll teach him how to beat”.


I had no choice but to sign that statement when they said that I’d never go out if unless I sign it. But since that I have been feeling pain deep in my heart. I slandered a sinless person. In fact, that man didn’t hurt anybody, didn’t teach wrong things and didn’t mislead anybody.


Therefore, I’m addressing to You informing that I refuse my testimonies, which I gave at NSS office against Haydarov Farruh Akmalovich. Haydarov Farruh Akmalovich has never told me about jihod (or holy war) and has never said any wrong word against the government or politics. He has never propagated anything wrong. I have learned out something on “Muallimus-soniy” for once or twice. I haven’t taken regular lessons. The book “Muallimus-soniy” is sold everywhere in Uzbekistan. And it is alphabet permitted by the government. It does not teach extremism, like “Farhod” said.


I ask You to cancel my testimony against Haydarov Farruh, which was written in my name by NSS officials using adolescence, lack of my knowledge in human rights and threatening me with imprisonment, and I ask Your help in restoration of the equity and truth.


Turopov D.


July 21, 2001

Javob berish

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