60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

To Participants of the International Conference Devoted to the 60-th Anniversary of Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to Leaders of the EU States and Governments   Ladies and gentlemen! All progressive world will celebrate soon the 60th anniversary of acceptance of one of greatest document in the mankind history – the Universal Declaration of… Continue reading 60th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights


Political prisoners – members of Uzbekistan’s human rights organisations 1. Yusuf Jumaev Poet and dissident, head of the human rights organisation “Sakhroi sherlar”. In 2001 he was arrested by the National Security Service (SNB) for his poems, in which he derided Islam Karimov’s authoritarian regime. He was detained for 71 day in solitary confinement by… Continue reading POLITICAL PRISONERS

01.01.25-To The US Congress

January 25, 2001   Dear Congressmen,   Concerning the resolution N397 of Chamber of Spokesmen of USA Congress about the Central Asia dated by November 2nd , 2000 USA congress had the opinion that the regime in Uzbekistan is antidemocratic and violent. Any regime like this, as a rule, destroys the freedom of mass media… Continue reading 01.01.25-To The US Congress