September 19, 2001   Dear Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentleman,   One of the most distinguishing features of the policy of states, formed after the collapse of the USSR, is that its leaders, the former communists, have been saying true words about democracy, human rights and freedoms, free enterprise, but in reality, have been doing… Continue reading DOCLAD

00-Speech by Ruslan SHARIPOV

Dear Mr. Anstett, I am replying your e-mail regarding four cases. 1. In 1999 Ismail Adylov was arrested when in house was specially put about 100 leaflets of the religious party Hizb ut-Tahrir. Many law enforcement workers were searching his house and put those leaflets themselves to have a reason to arrest him. On July… Continue reading 00-Speech by Ruslan SHARIPOV

06.11.12-Speech of HRSU in Sofia

Opinion on the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan  regarding the politics of Western political structures towards Uzbekistan     The Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan (HRSU) is living through the most difficult period in its history. Islam Karimov’s felonious regime strives for a complete annihilation of the first civic human rights organisation, created at the… Continue reading 06.11.12-Speech of HRSU in Sofia

Javob berish

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