March 9th 2001

Press Center of Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan
Attempt upon the life of HRSU’s worker Elena Urlaeva

HRSU has previously informed about persecution of our workers. Unfortunately, someone decided to use drastic measures against HRSU.

This night there was an arson of the flat of Elena Urlaeva, while she and her family were sleeping.

As we just found out the flat of Urlaeva was poured over with benzene (petrol) and was set on fire. As neighbors said they felt the smell of benzene about 2 – 3 in the morning.

Fortunately, nobody from the family of Urlaeva suffered. Let me note that Al’fiya Ishembetova and Elena Urlaeva are still not given back their passports.

It’s tremendously difficult for HRSU’s workers to work in such conditions, however, such threatens and attempts to frighten us will not stop HRSU workers from defending of Human Rights.

In our opinion, the flat of Urlaeva was set on fire because of her recent participation in the picket near to City council on March 7, 2001.

Press Center of HRSU

Javob berish

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