00.09.27-the LETTER Mr. ANSTETT

Dear Mr. Anstett,


I am replying your e-mail regarding four cases.


  1. In 1999 Ismail Adylov was arrested when in house was specially put about 100 leaflets of  the religious party Hizb ut-Tahrir. Many law enforcement workers were searching his house and put those leflets themselves to have a reason to arrest him. On July 4th 2001 he was freed from prison under the pressure of world society and organizations.


  • Human Rights Soiety of Uzbekistan (HRSU):



Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan made 4 attempts to register/. The first attempt was taken on March 1992 and the last one on April 3 1997, but authorities continuously don’t want to register HRSU and give as a reason as if charter of HRSU doesn’t suit the constitution of the republic and laws.


So Human Rights Society is going to make another this year after Kurultay (Congress) of HRSU being held on September 28, 2001 to register and German embassy promised to assist us with lawyers for registration.


  • Ruslan Sharipov:



Yes, since I am working in Human Rights Sociey of Uzbekistan and special securities continuously harass the witnesses of what were many people. When recently Vice President (Ulrish Ficher) and Deputy Executive Director (Brigitte Dufour) of Helsinki Federation were in Tashkent they also became witnesses how I am followed by special securities services workers. They follow me  on cars and by foot, in the underground, buses and everywhere I go. They began to harass and follow me more after I organized the Union of  Independent Journalists of Uzbekistan which is now uniting journalists for freedom of expression.


On July 12 2001 when I was going to the court hearing of Elena Urlaeva – worker of HRSU who was violently put into psychiatric clinic, I was walking through streets getting close to court building. While I was walking on one of empty streets where there was no people I saw people running for me behind calling my name loudly. I recognized in them those who follow me for several last months and understood that something as wrong. I ran out to the traffic  road but they surrounded me and the one who was behind began movement to hit my head with some heavy subject but I jumped out and because there were people and cars helped that they didn’t make extreme steps. I jumped into one of the taxis standing near and till the court building were just 100 meters so taxi driver seeing what is happening took me to the building. After I quickly came into the cout building and called General secretary of HRSU Talib Yakubov who immediately came. They were waiting for me near building that’s why I couldn’t leave alone.


While I was calling to Talib I saw through the window how they shouted at taxi driver who took me to the building and then two of them took taxi driver somewhere.


While Talib Yakubov was accompanying me to OSCE office in Tashkent hey continuously followed us on three cars possibly they had order from high officials.


They didn’t even afraid to wait downstairs of OSCE office in Tashkent while I was inside asking for help from this harassment which became unbearable.


We contacted American Embassy and American Ambassador talked to the minter of foreign affairs of Uzbekistan asking to stop this harassment against me. However, they stopped intention to take me only in two days.


That day when the head of OSCE office accompanied me to the office of HRSU on his car they followed all the way till the very office and he witnessed himself how dangerous the situation was.


On the next day another worker of OSCE Ms/ Margaret Crook coming to our office witnessed that it was still surrounded by special securities workers so intentionally frightening me and limiting my activities making like unofficial house arrest by these threatens and harassment.


After USA embassy called ministry of foreign affairs for the second time special securities took their workers out and they began again following me on the distance like it was all the time before.

Thus they make me understand that they follow me on the distance is must action and the best choice harass and get into my personal life everywhere.


They came to my mother house and told her that my work may in human rights will not bring anything good to my family thus threatening my family.


They do all their best to stop me from human rights activities.


In February 2001, in Maksim Gorkiy underground dark walking place one man hit  me and threatened me with a knife and  I had to run away but that time I wasn’t sure why he did it and don’t know what that attack connected with.


In April 2001 the bus I was set on the fire unexpectedly and after driver told to passengers that it was luck that fuel didn’t explode. Nobody understood where the fire came from.


Several times I got threaten calls and that’s why I asked OSCE office to help me because my life is in every day danger after I began working as press secretary of human rights society of Uzbekistan, correspondent of Russian Human Rights Agency “Prima” and organized Union of Independent Journalists of Uzbekistan in April, 2001.


As for information I got people who follow me work for National securities service and ministry internal affairs special departments. After the death of Shovrik Ruzimuradov, Emil Usman, violent putting of Elena Urlaeva into psychiatric clinic and many other harassment I understand that what they doing to me now is very dangerous for my life.


  • Kamoletdin Sattarov:




  Kamoletdin Sattarov was subjected in 2000 to nine years of imprisonment by Asakinskiy city court (Andijan area) for so called relation to the religious  party of Hizb ut-Tahrir and there were witnesses that the criminal case against his was falsified.


Before one year of his imprisonment his brother was imprisoned for 15 years and their mother used a UN complaint for form for Human Rights Committee. When there was first court case of Kamoletdin Sattarov these UN form found in his house was used as fact prove against him in the court which made many presenters shocked while hear that UN form is viewed by Uzbek court as prohibited document.

First court sentenced him to 9 years but after HRSU began campaign about court violations there was second court to take place on September 15th  2000.


But in spite of all critiques second court sentenced him to 10 years that time and after that court ignores all attempts to make another fair court and Kamoletdin Sattarov will be in prison 10 years if there will be no international attention to his case applied.


Please let me know if I can be of any further help to you.


Ruslan Sharipov