22 ноября 2000  г.


                     From Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

Dear Sirs,


To Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan wrote Ruslan Sharipov asking for help. We studied this matter and decided that we have to ask for international help in this situation. Actions of Executive Director of “Umid” Foundation Ziyaev M.K show a violence Ruslan Sharipov’s rights and what a difficult time and problems Ruslan Sharipov has to deal with. Our Human Right Society of Uzbekistan understands the situation in which Ruslan Sharipov turned out to be and very sad that such is happening in our country. With all our heart we ask all of you to write personal letters to the government of Uzbekistan, also to international and national officials to help Ruslan Sharipov in this situation. We believe, that if all of you will write letters and will take a personal involvement in this matter, helping Ruslan Sharipov, we will prevent such actions from happening in future and Ruslan Sharipov will see how we care and respect Human Rights. We are attaching Ruslan’s Sharipov and his Mother letters for deeper understanding of what is happening. Thank you so much  for your help and consideration of this matter.



Talib Yakubov

General Secretary of the

Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan


Letter of Ruslan Sharipov


In July 2000, I, Ruslan Sharipov, like other students, was taken off the program of the Presidential Foundation “Umid” to study abroad on the basis of discrimination, humiliation and violation of my rights by the executive director of “Umid” foundation Ziyaev M.K in the presence of commission.


On the comission Ziyaev M.K asked the nation of my parents and after he found out that my mother is osetian by nation, he told me “what kind of worker you will be if you don’t speak Uzbek language” I explained that I was studying in Russian school but, unfortunately, Mr. Ziyaev refused to listen to me. I wasn’t allowed to explain everything about my studying process in University of Georgia and was taken off the program the same day. This discrimination on the base of language made me feel sad and humiliated me very much because so many nations live in Uzbekistan in peace and friendly speaking in different languages. My mother, being osetian by nation and not knowing Uzbek, all her life devoted to the education and bringing up of people in Uzbekistan and always was a good worker. So I, like other students experienced the discrimination and violation of human rights firsthand, and very upset that people with power let themselves such actions not thinking about students feelings and further life.


Moreover, recently I found out that one more violation of my rights was kept in secret from me. Trying to hide the fact of discrimination after I wrote many complains, Ziyaev wrote me a letter saying that as if I and official people in University of Georgia asked to interrupt my program for some period because I  am ill. This lie by Ziyaev is one more prove of the violations of my rights, because never anybody ask Ziayev to interrupt my program because of illness as I am absolutely healthy. From the letters of official people of University of Georgia it was known long time ago that my cultural shock and illness were absolutely cured in the United States and came back to Uzbekistan healthy.


Respected Medical Commission of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan also admitted the fact that I am absolutely healthy and sent the confirmation to “Umid” foundation on July 11th , 2000. However, “Umid” foundation preferred to pretend to be doctors and having this confirmation for 2 months, about my being healthy from Medical Commission of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan,  didn’t stop them again violate my rights by interrupting my program on September 14th , 2000,  on the base of “bad health” which is absolutely lie.


I am very afraid and upset that other students of “Umid” foundation also have to go through the discrimination and violation of rights and nobody help us. I became more afraid after somebody was trying to kill me in the Maksim Gorky underground and understand, now why other students are afraid of  complaining like me. Like for example, one girl – student of Umid foundation, was also taken off the program on the base of discrimination by gender. She was told that she is already at her age and she should live a woman life, and also  asked the nation of her parents, and taken off the program as well. This girl is very upset and already in 3 months depression because commission refused to listen to her as well. Unfortunately, I can’t call students names in this letter as I don’t have right to put their life under danger, but I do have the computer disk and real facts of e-mail letters with students of “Umid” foundation showing all this discrimination and violation of human rights, victims of what we are!


The Director of European Center of Georgia- Blair Dorminey, Coordinator of International Life- Saehee Chang, International Activities Advisor- Marcus Longmuir also wrote letters to the President of Uzbekistan Islam Abduganievich Karimov, General Director of “Umid” Foundation Azimov Rustam Sadikovich, executive director of «Umid» foundation Ziyaev M.K about my success and achievements in the University of Georgia and that they are sad of what is happening. However, they  never got any reply and can’t understand why their letters ignored as they were waiting for reply for more than 3 months.


I wrote 6 letters to Presidential Department, beginning from August 4th, 2000, and after 111 days I still never got any written responses though it’s by law that citizen of Uzbekistan gets written reply during 30 days. So I am still ignored!


I also wrote 6 letters to General Director of “Umid” foundation Azimov Rustam Sadikovich and after 111 days I never got any written responses from him as well. My attempts to ask for meeting with him through his secretary also didn’t give any results. Again I am still ignored!


I wrote to Constitutional Court of Uzbekistan and they told that it’s not under their jurisdiction to help me. I was surprised because I was advised to write to them and hoped that they could help but they didn’t.


I wrote to the Uzbekistan National Center of Human Rights of Akmal Saidov, they refused to register my second letter and  Mr. Orashev told me that it’s not under their jurisdiction to help me as they can’t order “Umid” foundation. I can’t understand why the chief of their department Muslimov H.A refused to register my second letter and refused to  give me written response which I can get by law and told me that everything I am doing is useless because nobody is going to help me.


Dear Sirs, I truly believe that my experience as the President of the Central Asian Organization, the Embassador of Uzbekistan in the University of Georgia, Managing Editor of “Interactions” and other newspapers, President of Bukhara English Community Center ( work with Peace Corps) and many other experiences will help me after graduating University of Georgia to take an active part in the development of my native country – Independent Uzbekistan. I am, as the representative of the youth of Uzbekistan, believe that educated and talented young generation is the future of our country. However, such facts of discrimination and violation of Human Rights must not serve as an example for the young generation!


I don’t know how longer I will be able to look for fair and truth. I see why other students don’t complain and don’t believe that anybody can help them and prefer to be safe and alive. However, I made my choice, and going to look for truth till the end of life to show that I believe that Human Rights should be respected and all people shouldn’t be afraid to complain if their rights are violated. I want other students to believe that there is somebody who can help us. May God Bless me.


With Great Belief in Your Help,

Sincerely Yours,

Ruslan Sharipov   tel. (365)-223-1465, 295-6-21-67,  ruslan2000@collegeclub.com


Letter of Aza Sharipova (Ruslan Sharipov’s Mother)


I, the mother of Ruslan Sharipov, from 1969 live in Uzbekistan. Having graduated from Bukhara State University, 26 years I worked in the Public Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan. All my life I devoted to the education and bringing up of people in Uzbekistan. Being osetian by nation, I have never been discriminated before in Uzbekistan. That’s why I was so upset to find out about the fact of discrimination to my son, on the base of language.


I am very grateful to our President, Islam Abduganievich Karimov, for his active part in the bringing up and education of young generation. Thanks to our President, my son with his own knowledge was able to go through all the tests and became the only one from the Republic of Uzbekistan in the field of journalism, bachelor degree to be given a privilege to study in the University of Georgia.


I am asking for your help because I am so tired of endless violations of the rights of my son and very humiliated by the letter from Mr. Ziyaev which my son got on the October 21, 2000.


Ziyaev M.K did a great moral and material damage to our family. I specially came to Tashkent in the August,2000 and Ziyaev M.K let himself talk to me in a very rude form. I tried, as a mother, discuss the situation with Mr. Ziyaev, however, Mr. Ziyaev interupted me i a rude form and on my question about the letters from the University of Georgia he said “I would like to spit on the letters from the University of Georgia and don’t care”

During all the conversation Mr. Ziyaev M.K talked to me very rude which humiliated me as human being and as a woman. I informed Manon Rakhimov and he told me that I can use my right and complain.


I am very sad that such rude people who can’t control their emotions work with the talented youth of the Republic of Uzbekistan and give such not a good example to young generation.


I frankly believe, that with your help dear sirs, in this situation finally will be taken a fair decision and my son will be able to continue his education in January, 2001.


Sincerely, Aza Sharipova A.

From Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan, Talib Yakubov

General Secretary of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

Javob berish

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