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Press Center of HRSU


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            On June 15 2001, the group of 31 militia workers (police), 11 of which specially armed with guns, unexpectedly got into the house of Shovruk Ruzimuradov – The Head of HRSU Kashkadar’ya Regional Department of HRSU, Uzbekistan.

            Without showing any appropriate documents the police began searching his house.

            While search there were 4 people in the house: mother of Shovruk R. – Burieva T. (76 years old), his wife – R. Ruzimuradova with the daughter and his sister O. Burieva.

            According to Burieva, all of them were violently beaten, in particular after all his sister and wife fell unconscious. Moreover, 76 year old mother of Shovruk was pushed to the floor and fell down.    

  1. Burieva told that militia workers put in their house 9 leaflets of religious party “Hizbut-ut Tahrir” and 28 patrons.

            All computer techniques, which is the property of HRSU, was taken away by police.

After the search, the phone in the house of Ruzimuradovs was switched off and doesn’t work until now.

            The location of Shovruk Ruzimuradov is not known to anybody.

However, according to Burieva, when at the end of the search she was made to sign the papers, she noticed that on one of the papers were handwriting of her brother and some words about his detention.

Also, O. Burieva states that all this happened after the Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan – Zakir Almatov hold a meeting with local religious authorities and the region administration of Kashkadar’ya region.

            Going back to the story with Kamolitdin Sattarov who was detained and charged for 9 years by Andijon court for having the forms of UN individual complains, necessary to note that it happened also after Zakir Almatov had a similar meeting with local authorities of Andijon region.

That day more than 70 people were detained and convicted in religious extremism.


Translated from Russian


Javob berish

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