E-mail :                                                                                                         On February, 2nd, 2000                                     А.Пулатов – Председатель             ОПЧУ                                                                                                             А.Пулатов – Председатель ОПЧУ 1819 H Street NW, Suite #230 Washington, DC, 20006 Ph. (202) 775-9770, ext 17; Fax (202) 775-9776 E–mail:,   Т.Якубов – Генеральный секретарь ОПЧУ 700093   г.Ташкент, Юнусабад, 4, 15, кв.27… Continue reading 00.02.02-JURAKHON AZIMOV

00.06.02-ABOUT Ganijon MASUDOV

June 2nd ,  2000   The Report of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan   On the 29th of May, Masudov Anvar visited “Jaslik” concentration camp in order to meet there with his son, Masudov Ganijon. According to his words, the condition of his son was very bad, the whole body of Ganijon was covered… Continue reading 00.06.02-ABOUT Ganijon MASUDOV

00.06.02-Report of HRSU

June 2nd, 2000                                                                                           THE REPORT OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY OF UZBEKISTAN   PARPIEV SHUHRATBEK – born in 1969 year in Andijan, the father of 3 children, the height 195cm. Was arrested in 1998, and accused within a group of 15 people from Andijan (the court was held in Supreme Court), who were accused… Continue reading 00.06.02-Report of HRSU


September 20, 1999   STATEMENT OF HUMAN RIGHTS  SOCIETY OF UZBEKISTAN   By the middle of the year 1998, the HRSU received a report, informing about the construction of the largest in Central Asia camp, that was being built in the south-western part of the Aral sea, on the plateau of Ust-Yurt, near the village… Continue reading 99.09.20-JASLYK


   AZAM FARMONOV    PRISONER OF JASLYK     All About Azam :     10  years visiting my husband in Jaslyk prison (video)      Azam Farmonov. From Wikipedia     Claim letter  Claim letter   COMPLAINT LETTER     Covenant on Civil and Political Rights: Azam Farmonov and Alisher Karamatov       On Your Birthday, You Are Not Forgotten    OSCE: On Uzbek Human Rights Defenders Elena Urlaeva… Continue reading AZAM FARMONOV-en

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