March 5th 2001

       Press Center of Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan


The BOY just wanted to study!


They strangled  me  by  putting   gas   mask   on

my   head   and   were   laughing     while  I  was

losing   my   consciousness.   They    kicked    me

with their  legs and  beat  me on the  head  with

a chair. They threaten to put me on two bottles,

    take  a  picture  and  send  that  picture  with me

                                                                      to prison.

Zinaida Orlova


Press Center of HRSU gets a lot of information from citizens about the fabricated criminal cases against them. Law protection agencies make people give evidences and write explanatory papers by the way of cruel tortures.

In Orlov’s family much attention was paid to the education of the son (Sasha). Sasha Orlov, who was known as a good person, successfully passed all the exams  and was going to enter the institute. Thinking about his plans for future he couldn’t even imagine that soon he will be called a murder by using so «popular» in Uzbekistan method of cruel tortures.

In 1998 spouses Georgiy Vasil’yevich and Lidiya Stepanovna were killed. Law protection agencies hurried to blame someone in that case and, unfortunately, the victim of their choice became 16 year old boy Sasha Orlov and his mother against whom was also fabricated a criminal case.

Under cruel tortures Sasha was made to tell that as if it was him to kill them. Only in 2,5 years (meanwhile Sasha is still in the prison) the real picture of the fabricated case began more clear. During this time there were three inquests and three court cases. On the third court case (process) Sasha told the details how he was made tell that he killed them.

«My son told, that he was cruelly beaten, tortured and made to give those evidences under the dictation. The worst is that they used psychological pressure against Sasha. I didn’t know that while I was beaten, they made my son to watch everything and threatened, that I am woman and will not physically tolerate…. On the court Sasha also told, that they threatened him that they will me if he will not tell that he killed those people, as he was young and could wait some years in the prison. Moreover, Sasha was made to tell that his father also was involved in the killing of them. The result of what is the death of his father who didn’t tolerate nervous condition and hearts pains. Now, when the criminal case closed against me, Sasha began telling the truth» – Orlova.

Law protection agencies many times tried to get Orlova’s belongings, like for example, militia worker who introduced himself as Ruziyev, told Orlova that he needs her TV.

Meanwhile, innocent Sasha Orlov about three years is imprisoned in isolator of Tashkent prison. His health condition is getting worse from day to day. Orlova Z. has recently    found out that Sasha became ill with tuberculosis.

HRSU requests for immediate attention of the government of Uzbekistan and their immediate assistance to free the innocent boy from isolator of Tashkent prison.

Note:Please find a picture of Sasha attached.    

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