2 февраль  2000  йил                                     А.Пулатов – Председатель     ОПЧУ                                                                                                             А.Пулатов – Председатель ОПЧУ 1819 H Street NW, Suite #230 Washington, DC, 20006 Ph. (202) 775-9770, ext 17; Fax (202) 775-9776 E–mail:,   Т.Якубов – Генеральный секретарь ОПЧУ 700093   г.Ташкент, Юнусабад, 4, 15, кв.27… Continue reading 00.02.02-ABOUT COLONY JASLYK

00.05.05-Nemat KARIMOV

On May, 5th, 2000   The Report of the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan   KARIMOV NEMAT MAMETJITOVICH,who was born in 1967, and living in Andijan, str Almazar, 3, was arrested on the 26th of March on suspicion of paticipating in the terroristic acts of 16th of February in Tashkent.  He was accused of the… Continue reading 00.05.05-Nemat KARIMOV

00.05.29-Ganijon MASUDOV

29 май 2000   On the 29th of May, Masudov Anvar visited «Jaslik» concentration camp in order to meet there with his son, Masudov Ganijon. According to his words, the condition of his son is very bad, the whole body is covered with bruises. The chief of the camp Babajanov tried very hard not to… Continue reading 00.05.29-Ganijon MASUDOV

00.06.02-Report of HRSU

June 2nd, 2000                                                                                           THE REPORT OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY OF UZBEKISTAN   PARPIEV SHUHRATBEK – born in 1969 year in Andijan, the father of 3 children, the height 195cm. Was arrested in 1998, and accused within a group of 15 people from Andijan (the court was held in Supreme Court), who were accused… Continue reading 00.06.02-Report of HRSU

00.08.22-the REPORT

August 22, 2000            THE REPORT  OF THE HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY OF UZBEKISTAN The case hearing of 15 members of the religious party of «Hizb-ut-Tahrir» that was launched on 17th of June, 2000, at the building of Akmal Ikramov region(however, Tashkent Regional Court is leading the Court, judge Rahmanov)is still going on.   At the… Continue reading 00.08.22-the REPORT


ДЖИЗАКСКОЕ ОБЛАСТНОЕ ОТДЕЛЕНИЕ г. Джизак, массив Заргарлик, 16 / тел. (+37222) 6-52-52 /   E-mail: September 7, 2000 THE REPORT OF THE DJIZAK REGIONAL BRANCH OF HRSU The HRSU not once issued articles about Juvashev Nahmiddin Umarkulovich in its bulletins, of Khirgiz nationality, born in 1958, living in Branch 4, collective household named after Husanov,… Continue reading 00.09.07-NAHMIDDIN JUVASHEV


AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL Concerns in Europe and Central Asia July – December 2002 UZBEKISTAN   Human rights defenders   Human rights defenders continued to face harassment, intimidation, forcible psychiatric confinement and imprisonment.   Two women, Larisa Vdovina and human rights defender Elena Urlaeva, were forcibly confined in a psychiatric hospital at the end of August. The… Continue reading 02.07-12-AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL


Violence Against Women / Prison Conditions The International Secretariat of OMCT requests your URGENT intervention in the following situation in Uzbekistan. Brief description of the situation: OMCT has been informed by a reliable source about violence against women prisoners, particularly Muslim women, in the jail known as KIN-7 (64/7) in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Specifically, OMCT expresses… Continue reading 03.07.31-OMCT

To the Chairman of the National Security Service: «Please, Help to find Farrukh!»

to: Chairman of the national security service of the republic of uzbekistan   From: Haydarov Akmal, Haydarova Jamila and Fakhrutdinova Zuhra, residents of Tashkent’s Yakkasaroy district, Shamsi Kulol Street, 1st blind alley, House 5.     appeal   Dear Chairman,   I ask you to find us my son Haydarov Farrukh Akmalovich, resident of Tashkent’s… Continue reading To the Chairman of the National Security Service: «Please, Help to find Farrukh!»

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