March 5th 2001

Press Center of Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan has previously informed that Hokimiyat (city council) of Mirzo – Ulugbek district of Taskent city violates the rights of ownership of houses’ owners. The fact is that for building of small ring road in the district of Tashkent Medical Institute many buildings and citizens’ houses are pulled down. All this is done in the way of the biggest violation of law.

The family of Tat’yana Buhareva (living on the street of General Petrov -2, house #15, apt. 131) is threatened by the workers of Hokimiyat and workers of court to be violently evicted in handcuffs from their house. Moreover, those workers began taking the roof of their the house to pieces, thus making big material damage to them.

On March 1, 2001 HRSU has appealed to the General Prosecutor of Uzbekistan with a request urgently to use a power of prosecutor and stop the injustice of the Hokimiyat of Mirzo-Ulugbek district.

However, the General prosecutor didn’t react on the appeal and the attempt upon the ownership of citizens by Mirzo-Ulugbek district Hokimiyat is going on.

Today (March 4th, 2001) General Secretary of HRSU Talib Yakubov specially arrived to the place of events and personally saw that the injustice of the administration of Mirzo – Ulugbek district made many people desperate.

At the same day Talib Yakubov sent to Hokim of the Tashekent city Mr. K. Tulyaganov the following urgent telegram:

«Mr. Tulyaganov, ask for your urgent attention to stop the injustice of Mirzo Ulugbek district Hokimiyat and their attempts upon the ownership which is inviolable under the law. The houses of Tat’yana Yur’yevna Buhareva and her neighbors are being illegally destroyed. Moreover they are not given other equal value houses. All their and our appeals were ignored. We hope that you will play an active role in making of a fair decision. If this appeal will be ignored as well, I am going to make the action of civil protest in the way of picket near to Hokimiyat (City Council) at 10 o’clock, March 7th, 2001.»


Talib Yakubov

HRSU hopes, that Hokim (mayor) of Tashkent will make appropriate actions to make a fair decision and protect the rights of houses’ owners before the picket.

Javob berish

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