Pickets and Protests


March 7th 2001 PRESS CENTER of HUMAN RIGHTS SOCIETY of UZBEKISTAN The Press Center of HRSU has previously informed about the picket near to City Council of Tashkent. Today, (March 7th) at 10 o’clock picket was held. The purpose was to show the protest against the violent eviction of citizens and destroying their houses. This… Continue reading 01.03.07-TAT’YANA BUKHAREVA


TAKE ACTION FOR WOMEN HUMAN RIGHTS DEFENDERS IN UZBEKISTAN To mark International Women’s Day, Front Line and the Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan is calling on the Uzbek authorities to immediately release human rights defenders, Mutabar Tadjibaeva, Gulbahor Turayeva and Umida Niyazova currently imprisoned on fabricated charges and at high risk of ill-treatment and torture.… Continue reading PICKET IN DUBLIN


WOMEN DEMONSTRATE IN UZBEK CAPITAL Some 40 women staged a public protest outside the city mayor’s office in Tashkent on 18 November to protest the arrest of relatives on what they say were fabricated charges of possession of drugs and weapons and of illicit Islamic literature, Human Rights Watch reported.   All the arrested men… Continue reading 99.10.18-PROTEST OF WOMEN

Javob berish

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