March 7th 2001


The Press Center of HRSU has previously informed about the picket near to City Council of Tashkent.

Today, (March 7th) at 10 o’clock picket was held. The purpose was to show the protest against the violent eviction of citizens and destroying their houses. This attempt upon the property of citizens violates the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan and international norms of law.

General Secretary of HRSU Talib Yakubov, the consultant of HRSU Elena Urlaeva, victims of injustice of City Council of Mirzo Ulugbek district Tat’yana Bukhareva and Timur Nikolaev took part in the picket.

The victims of injustice were invited to the City Council for negotiations. While negotiations the representatives of city and district councils tried to convince the victims to take unacceptable choices like the apartments to live, which doesn’t exist yet but is just in plan to be built in future.

One of the workers of the City Council told to Bukhareva Tat’yana (the participant of the picket): “What do you want? You think you stand here picketing and everything is solved….”.

It became just known that while there was a picket going on the administration authorities were destroying the property of the owners with bulldozer while they were out on the picket. There are video tapes of that fact which were made by the wife of the victim.

It is obvious that the authorities of Tashkent city decided to ignore the requirements of citizens, and protect those who violate human rights and laws of Uzbekistan.

The participants of picket decided that they will continue their pickets until their problem will be solved.

On March 12th 2001 next picket near to the City Council will be held.

Press Center,
Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan

Javob berish

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