01.03.13-the Ambassador Of ISRAEL

 To:     Israel   Embassy  in Tashkent, Uzbekistan   from the citizen of Uzbekistan Lenur Salahitdinov tel. (271) 4-12-92                 Dear Mr. Noah Gal-Gendler,             My son, Ilyas Salahitdinov (born in 1993), was illegally taken to the state of Israel in the beginning of March 1999.   Shneer T.M (my former wife) getting into… Continue reading 01.03.13-the Ambassador Of ISRAEL

01.09.12-the Ambassador of USA

Dear Ambassador of United States of America,   Human Rights Society of Uzbekistan expresses its deepest regret in accordance with inhuman terrorist acts, the victims of what became thousands of innocent people. We are with you in this difficult moment for your nation.   Nothing may serve as a satisfactory reason of this violence over… Continue reading 01.09.12-the Ambassador of USA

03.04.29-the LETTER Raban RICHTER

Дата: Tue, 29 Apr 2003   07:36:20 +0300 Автор: «.TASC WIKU-10 Richter, Raban» <> Кому: «Talib Yakubov» <></> Копия:   Dear Mr. Yakubov,   because of a defect of my telephone I recognized only yesterday, that you called me on the 15. of April.   I would like to call you back, but donб?t have your number. I would… Continue reading 03.04.29-the LETTER Raban RICHTER