27 апреля 2003 г.                                                     







На днях из женской колонии исполнения наказаний мы получили Обращение министру внутренних дел Республики Узбекистан господину Зокиржону Алматову, подписанное 22 женщинами-узницами совести. Они просили переслать ему их письмо, и по возможности довести его содержание до внимания международного сообщества через Интернет.


В настоящем сообщении мы приводим английскую версию данного Обращения, выполненной переводчиками по нашей просьбе. Русский вариант письма будет разослан несколько позднее. Узбекский же вариант мы послали господину З.Алматову почтой.


To Zakir Almatov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Uzbekistan

On behalf of women prisoners serving term in KIN-64/7, sentenced in accordance with the 159th article of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan




We, who write this letter, are women prisoners of the KIN # 64/7. We address you from KIN 64/7 – the women’s prison. We call all of you, who’re lucky enough to be free, to take a look at the situation of Muslim prisoners; to listen to the cry of the women imprisoned for their belief in Allah.


We are defenseless women who are forbidden to be amnestied and viciously insulted because of practicing our religion. We are mothers whose babies were taken away; whose kids remained without parental care and breeding. We are defenseless ones whose veils are being taken away in prisons. We are the prisoners who are prohibited to pray our Creator; here we are subjected to feel offended if we perform prayer and also the Holy Qur’an will be seized from us if it is found.


If we imagine that we traded places with those ones who today insult and torture us, we would not return them their ill-treatment. Since believers do not bear such ill-treatments not only to their enemy but even to wild animals too.


In this prison any oppression, any outrage and any violence first of all is directed against prisoners sentenced with the 159th article.


Here to be ill in bed having temperature is a deadly sin! There will be caused a scandal if a Muslim woman feels ill and lies down. The next reproaches are the ambulance for them: “Why do the 159ths lie down? Are they best of all?”


If we perform prayer or recite the Qur’an we’ll be blamed with words “The 159ths do not keep the routine” and there will be filed the note “infringer of the routine”. And this means that we cannot be included in the amnesty.


If anyone’s patience is exhausted and she stands up for her rights then she will be maliciously slandered with “so-and-so lifted her hand against officer and punched” and then thrown into penalty cell “DZO”.


When it’s time to release us from “DZO” the prison matrons walk right behind us in order to catch us “at the scene of the crime” and thus they establish “facts” canceling our releasing from “DZO”.


Nowadays use of women labor in manufacturing shops of the prison has reduced to 30-40 %. However, despite of this fact all women sentenced with the 159th article are forced to work. They don’t take into account the age or the incapability of the women. All women sentenced with the 159th article are forced to work at textile shops.


If we ask them “Why you take no heed to serious regulatory offences of others and severely press upon us?” they answer “All violent acts are according to order from high echelons of the government. And we only carry out an order.”


An incident that was occurred on April 17 in 2003 was another insult and slander against us. That day after fulfilling all tasks we’d like to have a cup of tea, it was 19.00 o’clock in the evening. But before we had time to begin tea-drinking lieutenant Urayimova Odina Rakhmonovna came in a hurry and ordered us without any reason to continue working. We said we’d continue after we’ve finished our tea-drinking and asked her why the Muslim women are subjected to suffer such indignities.


Instead of answering Uraimova began brutally to take away our table-cloth and eating. But she failed to because of prisoner M. Mirzaakhmedova could prevent this evil-doing. In response to it Uraimova jostled away Mirzaakhmedova shouting at her. Another prisoner R. Akhmadalieva, onlooking the situation, called Uraimova not to be rude and control herself. Some of other prisoners-onlookers also were surprised at this injustice and were on our side saying: “They have begun to have a tea-drinking on a par with others; they have already fulfilled their tasks!” After it Uraimova felt awkward and began to shout louder to justify her actions. She began to pluck by the sleeve of prisoners Mirzaakhmedova and Akhmadalieva threatening: “I hate you! Let’s go to “DPK”. I’ll make complaints against you and throw into “DZO”.”


Later it became known that Uraimova had made slandering complaints that “the 159ths have beaten me” in advance. According to her complaint she was nice to prisoners, but “the 159ths” beaten her!! Oh God! Can we use force against people who say “Paper is in our hands, also we are at large, and we can write whatever we like, so, make a try for exonerating yourselves” if we try to stand up for our rights?


Punishments and oppressions used against us today absolutely contradict the standards of the international human rights norms.


Policy victims grow day by day. In this country women and children were not passed by too. We have been fagging for many years in prison. Any crime indicated in Criminal Codex of Uzbek Republic as a crime has became everyday occurrence here and real criminals can be released according to amnesty.


Although the homosexuality and the lesbianism are prohibited by law the administration of the prison and higher official institutions are in sympathize with these deeds. We believe that it’s an open secret for you why the prison administration tried its best to punish us because of performing prayers and other golden deeds and thus prevented us to be included in the amnesty.


We know very well that all these measures and arrangements are in accordance with orders from higher echelons. We also believe that torments and anguishes are not for nothing, we believe that one fine day we will prove ourselves in the right. We demand to stop torturing us and our Muslim brothers and release us.


Abbaskhujaeva N.I. Signature
Akhmadalieva R.A. Signature
Gofurova K. Signature
Erbalaeva K. Signature
Isakova Z.A. Signature
Kurbangalieva M.B. Signature
Lakaeva A.Kh. Signature
Lukmanova D. Signature
Musaeva Sh.T. Signature
Mirzaakhmedova M.Sh. Signature
Mukhitdinova Sh.Sh. Signature
Makhmudkhujaeva M. Signature
Najmiddinova I.A. Signature
Olimjonova O.K. Signature
Rakhmonova U. Signature
Sultonova I. Signature
Sultonova R. Signature
Tursunova S.I. Signature
Usmonova N. Signature
Khamdamova M.J. Signature
Tumanova F. Signature
Muydinova O. Signature






Javob berish

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