Ассалому алайкум.


Хатингизни таржима килдик.

Аммо мулохазам бор эди. Бу хатни узбекчасида (Мамлакатни эрини), русчасида (мужа Мамлакат) инглизчасида эса (Mamlakats husband) деган жойини алмаштирилса ва урнига узбекчада (Равшанни), русчада (Равшана), инглизчада (Ravshan) деб алмаштирилса. Чунки бу Мамлакат исми оркали дарров хабар кимдан чиккани маълум булади. Сабаби угирланган Равшанни танийдиган боллардан ёз ичида ким камалганини аниклаш кийин эмас, улар ичида унинг аёлини исми Мамлакат эканини билувчини аниклаш эса бундан-да осон. Абдувохид шу Мамлакатни жияни булади. Яъни Равшан ака узимизни поччамиз эди.

Мана жунатган хатингиз таржимаси:


Dear Tany Smith!


On end of August parents of disappeard Ismanhodjaev Ravshan Sultanovich recived letter from prison (Toshturma, #64/1). Letter was from prisoner, but we can’t write his name because he is still under investigation of National Security Services (NSS). I quoted some fragment from letter (in blue italic):


…pray for me. Now I think about something else. I can’t imagine. Urgently parents of Mamlakat’s husband should find him (disappeard Ismanhodjaev Ravshan Sultanovich born in 1975. Address: 12a, Oqqurghon Street, Mirzo Ulughbek district, Tashkent. – T.Y.) and his mate (Rahimov Abdurasul Abdurashidovich, born in 1972, disappeared on same time with R.S.Ismanhodjaev. Has higher education, married, father of 3 underage children (8, 5 and 3 years old. Address: 100B, Boghkucha Street, Shaikhontahur district, Tashkent. Tel: (998712) 49-4147 – T.Y.).


Otherwise, as I understood, they going to be blowed up as suiceders. They have to find them at any cost. Let their parents go to NSS and lie under doors. Don’t worry about me, you should worry about them. I pray for them day and night. Search, find, write. Harry, otherwise it could be late…


… find father of Khamza (Ravshan Ismanhodjaev) and husband of Zukhra (Farrukh Khaydarov). Find them at any cost. I satet it again, they want to blow them up… 25.08.04


from different sources we got confirmation of it. There are rumors all over Tashkent, about preparation of special services to blow up some men.


With Regards,


Talib Yakubov.